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Vejprty were ensued in 12th centur. The mine of living were bobbin lace work and knitting. The textile manufacturing passed after The second war. Cemetery church, church from the 17th century, Evangelic church from the beginning of the 20th century and the town hall from the 18th century are situated in the town.
Vejprty are situated in the northwest part of the county Chomutov in the elevation 750m near the highest peak of Ore mountains Klinovec (1244m). Vejprty are the centre of the mountain resort. There are walking and biking borders to Germany.
Vejprty offers the possibilities of active rest for whole year around, summer and winter hiking and good accommodation.
Borders and tourist trails at Vejprtsko: boarder Vejprty - Bärenstein, railway boarder Vejprty – Bärenstein, tourist`s path Loučná pod Klínovcem –Oberwiesenthal, tourist`s path České Hamry –Hammerunterwiesenthal, tourist`s path Černý Potok – Jöhstadt, tourist`s path Kryštofovy Hamry – Schmalzgrube, boarder Vejprty - Bärenstein.

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Museum - air fight over the Ore mountains in 11th of September in 1944, Web:
Photos of Mr. Jindrich Holicek - present and historical photos, Web:





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  Accommodation České Hamry
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